Imagine if there were no dirty clothes in your home or a hamper in the corner of your room. Imagine if there was no laundry day or ironing. Imagine if you could just hang your clothes in your closet and they were magically cleaned and pressed.

Well, you just imagined the life with LaundrX.

A robot that washes, dries and presses your clothes.


Hang your
dirty clothes

Two vertical compartments for shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses, jackets, etc.      


Or lay
them flat

A horizontal compartment for smaller items like socks and underwear.


does the rest

Choose your preferred program and your clothes will be washed, dried, and steamed. Clean, crisp and ready to wear.

A robot that washes, dries and presses your clothes.

Hang your clothes

Or lay them flat

Choose a program

your clothes are
ready to wear!

Mass Transfer

LaundrX is a process engineering invention and the world's first commercial drum-less laundry machine. It uses a patented set of mass transfer headers to emit and suction water and air simultaneously, moving along the clothes to wash and dry them pixel by pixel.

You Don’t Need to Dry-Clean That

Most of the clothes you take to dry cleaners such as wool, silk and cashmere could be washed with LaundrX at home. LaundrX uses a specialized, non-toxic detergent and a novel, frictionless cleaning technology that allows it to clean highly sensitive fabrics without damaging them.

The World’s Most Efficient Washer

0.9 I/kg

water consumption


less than modern washers

Set It Up

LaundrX doesn't require water or sewage connections, but instead uses a tank with a gallon capacity. This means it can be placed anywhere in your home, whether it's in your living room, bedroom, or walk-in closet.

A Design Icon

Before anything, LaundrX is your high-end designer closet. Every angle of it is designed to perfection to create a sense of harmony and beauty in your home.

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